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Protect Yourself from SCAM Buyers


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I may be a newbie here but experience from my FT job can also offer some pointers to avoid SCAMMERS in Photoshop / Graphics.

Here’s my list…so far

Buyer places a post offering a lot of work but they need to see a sample first.

Buyer places a post offering to pay way over what the project will cost.

Buyer places a post that he was a victim of a scam & will need a sample before
he can plae an order

Solution - If you cant resist send a sample and make sure you have a watermark on the image. Also send a smaller resolution of the original image

Buyer states he only has $5 to his name and requests a professional job

Solution - Simply avoid these Buyers. .

Of course this is not directed to ALL Buyers. Some have legitimate reasons for wanting samples or even freebies.

Use your best judgment and DONT sell yourself short. Its not worth spending 30-45 minutes for $5.

This will only impress upon those Buyers that this type of work is inexpensive thereby affecting all the Sellers.

Would love to hear any stories you have of Scam buyers

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The worst is scope creep. I had one lady ask for a 1-page website and then she slowly added more and more requirements until it became a 5-page website. I just started on Fiverr at that time and didn’t want a low star rating to bring me down so I slaved over her website for like 3 days for $5!

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I’m new to Fiverr and following what others suggest to build up sales which is put in offers on the buyer request pages.
Ive put in quite a few offers but only had a few replies and most seem to want the earth for $5.

I do animations and explained to one lady that to complete a 4-5 min video for her would take me many many hours and I couldn’t do what she wanted for the money she was offering… she hadn’t put in an amount in her budget and I think she was hoping to get tons of newbies desperate for sales to reply. …if that was what she was after,she certainly achieved her goal.

I reckon many of these buyers putting in requests are clever… they are getting boatloads of new sellers desperate for sales, willing to sell their souls for a measly $4

Arggh its an awful stage of fiverr to be in that’s for sure.

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Yep, it sucks…but its growing pains. Some buyers are just clueless as the amnt of time a ‘well done’; job takes. I did some wrk for a buyer w/o pacing an offer and sent with my watermark what it would look like. He liked it and started requesting more revisions. I had to finally reply back and quote what this is now going to cost. He replied his budget was only $10. He was trying to sell a bed he created so I EM him back “How would you feel if sum1 offered you a ridiculously low price for you bed” He apologized but didnt wanna pay. more. and I wasnt going sell at that price.l.

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Great names for them. I like the post. I have had those buyers too.(its long before creating current fiverr account) And some times i got there $5 orders if the work is not incredibly hard coz i needed to keep them too on the site there are so many types of humans livin in this world so when we marketing on globally we have to keep them too. Thanks, Dear Aiza

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