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How to get orders on fiverr?


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hello, you need to promote in social media and other platforms also.

first upon please check your titles of gig, meta tag, keywords, contents.

you need to be wait also. key of success and get more orders : please promote more and more social media platforms.


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Your gig headline isn’t catchy enough… HQ? I’m guessing most people casually reading won’t understand that HQ means High Quality (in regard to articles).

Your picture is not the best selection… it’s dark, and just scratch handwriting on a paper. It’s not appealing. And on top of that you don’t have a video. People like to see who they are working with, and get a feel for who you are. That way they trust that you can write well. Videos sell more gigs. I suggest you make one.

The content on your gig isn’t very engaging or compelling either… Somewhat boring. There’s no real “sales pitch” to it at all. There is no call to action. It lists a few random topics you can write about… Especially as a writer, people are going to judge you on what you write on your own gig, and right now, it’s not the best impression.

Just a few thoughts. Not trying to be harsh, just truthful. You can be successful on here, just keep working hard, and delivering quality work when you get orders. You’ll get it going soon!

Best luck!

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