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I Just Want My Money Back

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I am totally New to Fiverr. I wanted a ‘custom’ logo design for my company (No clip art pics) I was informed that I cannot retrieve my money once a order has been cancelled and that the funds will be in my Fiverr account. I have made 3 efforts from 3 different designers to produce my custom logo and they have ALL failed me. Its a scam. They wait til the absolute day the logo is due and inbox me with a “I need more time”. Once I give them more time, it exceeds the additional time they asked and eventually they do not produce my logo or they submit work clearly not matching the logos they use to catch your attention. I am a logo designer myself but I’m at a C+ average and I needed a A+ logo for my company. 1 artist waits til the day it was due and immediately sends a logo that was clearly cropped from 2 different ‘clip art’ pics and thought that was sufficient for the amount of money I was paying. I honestly do not like sharing my business concepts with various logo designers and its been a Month and still no results. I just want my Money back and I no longer have use for Fiverr

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