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Are we protected?


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Hello everyone

As always I check my account, but today I was surprised… Where are my money? 😮

I get an inbox like this:

Hi nmagic,

A dispute was opened via PayPal for your order FO379DE42B48: make a video Happy Birthday or Valentine Day. As a result, we have to cancel this order and ask that you discontinue your work.

If the dispute is resolved, the buyer will receive an offer to reorder your Gig.

The Fiverr Team

I have make video for a buyer since May 14 and I get this inbox today,…How can I discontinue my work when I have delivered it and it;s completed?

This is not the first time that happened to me…And as always the CS say " You are not the only one who lose, we also lose…" Well ok, but how can we compare $4 that company lose with $16 that I have lose also my time…Are we protected about this?I don’t think so…

Sorry but how can we work so?? Where are our rights?

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In this case, you’re just unlucky and there’s nothing you can do about it, and nobody seems particularly interested in making it an issue with Fiverr.

In short: life sucks sometimes, and it’s usually because of other people.

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