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Best seo combination?


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This purely depends on your website. Before buying any gig, you should get a free SEO audit done of your site using any available online tool (there are lots). If your report comes back showing any coding or security issues, you then need to fix these asap.

After this, Gooogle Google’s own site speed test, run it and try and optimize your site to load as fast as possible. In like manner, make sure that it is responsive (works on all mobile devices) and that your site is well designed in the sense that people will actually want to hang around and find more out about you and your content.

If your site passes all of the above, you should then start looking on Fiverr for SEO specific content creators but absolutely not backlinking or link building pyramid services. The later gigs will often use black hat SEO tricks that will get you to the top of Google one day, only for Google to penalise your site the next.

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Questions like this will attract people who sell SEO to respond so from the start I will say that I do sell SEO services but I will try to keep this answer as objective as possible while also giving my opinion. Lots of SEO sellers have different ideas to me.

I agree with @cyaxrex that using one of the free SEO audits sites can be useful, however they do not give anything like a full picture of your site’s SEO. I run these for clients and even the most basically set up sites score between 60-75%. Fiverr, this great site with millions of users and high rankings etc. scores 79% on the one that I use most.
Does this mean that my client’s sites need a little work and then they will be as popular as Fiverr? Of course not. There is a lot more to SEO than these audits take into account.

Points to remember:
SEO should not be a mystery. The idea of SEO is to make a site show up as high as possible in search engines. There are a multitude of things that affect these rankings, some can be controlled, others cannot. SEO is not a one off fix but an ongoing process.

Controllable things:
Your site content - my number 1 recommendation is to get your content optimized before anything else. Even within that, there are a huge number of different aspects to it. It is also important to know what you are doing with this. Google wants your site to be appealing to users, so simply stuffing your site with keywords will not work and may result in a penalty. It needs to be done well, and creatively.

Links - If your content is good, people may link to your site. Aside from using relevant directories, articles and natural social media links to your site, every other kind of link can be seen as unnatural by Google. It will assess whether the link is natural or not. A small number of links, bought from reputable places (ie, a blogger in your niche who sells a couple of links on their site) is fine. Do you think 1000(0) links appearing for a new site within a month looks natural? Is it possible that those who offer this service on Fiverr are smarter than Google and its staff? Definitely not. It might give a short boost but it will be spotted and penalized.

User behavior - From the work and research I have done, reports from other people and things that Google have said and done it is clear that user behavior on your site is a huge factor and will become even bigger. Google has said from the start that it wants people to find what they are looking for. What better way than to check whether people who searched for a particular phrase found what they were looking for on the site the clicked? It is a bit more complex than this but for the sake of brevity I’ll use this example.

  • I search for logo design in Google. I choose the site at the top of the results. I go to the site, browse it and eventually order from the site. I don’t go back to the original results. This means I have found what I was looking for and so the site I chose will be seen as a positive result for that keyword.
  • Alternatively, I go to the site and it looks too expensive, unoriginal or whatever else and so I immediately leave and go back to the search results. This tells Google that the site did not satisfy me and I had to keep looking.
    Google in its infinite wisdom will favor the first site over the second because of my actions and this will be reflected in where these sites rank (Obviously not based on just one visit but all of the visits are analysed and ranked accordingly).

How can you control users?
It is back to my first point, content. If you have good, relevant content, if the site is laid out well with a clear design and flow which can lead people from one page to the next, if you actually offer a good user experience then the users will stay. Use good writers, graphic artists and website designers first and foremost.

MY OPINION ON WHAT NOT TO DO - Others will disagree.

  1. Backlink packages - Google is not stupid, it knows the difference between natural and unnatural links. No matter what the seller claims about these links, they are unnatural and risk a Google penalty.
  2. Site audits - If you are serious about getting SEO work done then a serious seller will offer to do a proposal for you. Give them a budget and see what they come back with.
  3. “Guaranteed 1st page” gigs - If they could really do that, why are they not just setting up Amazon affiliate stores for every type of product and earning millions without doing anything? A guarantee here is worth very little anyway. 14 days after the gig is complete you have absolutely no comeback. Chances are they will tell you the results take longer than that to happen.
  4. A one-off/quick fix - SEO is not a one off fix. Certain aspects may be a one off, such as optimizing specific content, inserting titles and tags on your images, fixing some of the technical issues @cyaxrex mentioned etc. However, SEO is an ongoing process and expecting to get noticeable results with a one off gig is unrealistic. Consider how many sites there are out there, how many have full time staff working on SEO or pay monthly for their SEO to be done regularly.
  5. Blog comments, citations, local citations, social media shares, likes or followers. Buying these is just like buying links. It’s obvious to Google when it is done.

Hope this helps.

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I think need to start with blog post with your keyword related blog and then social bookmarks backlinks with social media share regulerly, then do some local citation backlinks and create some profile backlinks with your keyword related profile and then again do social bookmarking and social share for your profile backlinks.must need to index all backlinks on search engines. This is manual or white hat seo process.

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Guest backlinks_index

Blog comments and PBN are still good in seo.

I will not promote my own products, it looks like it is unethical hahahaha

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