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I am new into Fiverr world, and looking job as a seller. Most of the time i tried to send all request from Fiverr buyer request section. But unfortunately there is no job into the buyer request section except seller advertisement. I talked to Fiverr customer service and they told me this is against the Fiverr rules and regulation. So if this against Fiverr rules how does a seller continuously advertising their gigs into buyer request section. Fiverr should consider this matter seriously otherwise new seller ( like me ) will lose hope from FIVERR.

Thank you

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Although some sellers do attempt to advertise in the buyer request section because of misunderstanding or deliberate rule-breaking, they actually do not understand how buyer requests are displayed to other people. Here are three important things for you to know:

1.) Fiverr users who only buy but have no gigs for sale cannot see the items in the buyer request section. They don’t use it to look at buyer requests, they use it to write their own need so they can purchase a gig. For this reason, when a seller breaks the rules and puts an ad in buyer requests it has no helpful effect for them since the only people who see it are other sellers. If you were able to post your own ad in buyer requests, you would not get any sales from that.

2.) Fiverr does not have enough staff at this time to look at every single ad posted in buyer requests but they do know that the ads do not help the seller. They do go through the buyer requests on a regular basis when time and staffing allows for it, and the users who are posting ads received warnings or are banned. Those sellers will never benefit from what they are doing.

3.) This is the most important part and it’s going to be long but I promise you there are real keys to succeed here: If you go to buyer requests ever day to try and bid on requests, you will see all of the recent requests that match your gigs. You can scroll past the useless ads and look for them. If you don’t see any, it doesn’t have anything to do with the ads. It either means that no buyers are posting requests in the areas that you work in, or that it is a slow time in that section. When you do see a buyer request to bid on, go ahead, but for all sellers the buyer request section will never have enough to give orders to everyone who wants them. Instead, you have to do other things in addition to looking at buyer requests. Fiverr is primarily a platform that buyers use to make a transaction directly with you, not a site for you to locate buyers and bid. You will need to spend a large part of your time marketing and improving your gigs instead of bidding on buyer requests. If you are not getting sales, you will have to increase your efforts at making your gigs the best they can be and every new sale is like the beginning of a snowball that needs momentum to keep rolling and getting bigger. Fiverr itself will never be the reason that you succeed or not and they can’t be that to you. You will have to be the reason.

You will have to do all kinds of things like: trying new kinds of gigs, playing with your keywords, making your images and video better, learning new things you could do for gigs, improving your communication skills, improving your ability at what you sell, trying diversification instead of just a small niche, finding ways to make your prices lower until you have enough reputation to charge more, and using every possible technique to market yourself. Freelance work is very, very active and does not work well to generate passive income. Get involved in more than plain social media. Get involved in forums and online groups related to your field and start out by making yourself a valuable and helpful member of those communities by offering advice to others. When they see how good you are at what you do and think of you as person instead of a salesperson, then they might start to seek you out to buy what you offer.

There are thousands of users on Fiverr waiting for sales to come to them and thinking that advertising on Fiverr should be good enough. Most of them will never make money. You have to go out and get those sales in every way you can. If you make ads and just wait, you are unlikely to make it on Fiverr no matter what ever happens with buyer requests.

In your post you said: Fiverr should consider this matter seriously otherwise new seller ( like me ) will lose hope from FIVERR.

The good news is, much of your competition is in the same boat you are and many of them do not have the will to keep working hard enough to do what I described in this post. Just like you said, they will lose hope and quit. Fiverr can’t stop them or do more for them. If you have more will than they do, it doesn’t matter how many of them there are.

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