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Paypal Scams - Money refunded to the buyer!


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  1. Summary:

    I worked for this guy, like a month and twenty days ago. He ordered two custom orders… He gave me positive review, 5 stars. And he was happy about the work I delivered. But today my balance is deducted and paid back to the buyers Paypal account, and his profile doesn’t exist on fiverr anymore.


  2. Is there anyway that I can get that money back? Though I read some of the post which left me hopeless.



  3. What I deduced from it?

    The was a great scammer, he knew how to get the work done and refund. What he did was, he ordered the gigs, payed me from his PAYPAL account, got his work done, Marked it completed, gave me positive rating and then what he eventually did was opened a dispute on PAYPAL. And then I don’t know how fiverr let paypal deduct amount for some work which was done almost 7 weeks ago.

    When I shared this issue with my cousin, who work on another website, he had the same case like a month ago. The scammer was an indian, he got the work done worth $500 and then he opened a dispute via paypal. Though the services were already deliverd and after a month my cousins account was deducted $500.


    Now I feel very insecure working on fiverr. Because I think the one who pays for my work via paypal can open a dispute anytime after the work done and fiverr can’t do anything about it. and you lose the money eventually.

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You’re not the only one who has had this happen. I had an order placed a month ago, delivered it, and after delivery, the buyer cancels the order, claiming that I didn’t do a good job, was uncommunicative, dismissive of his concerns, blah, blah,blah. I communicated with this buyer from the beginning, keeping him updated but some of the things he wanted were not possible for ebook formatting. He also was complaining about an issue that didn’t exist and I used screenshots to show him that I gave him exactly what he wanted. His other concerns I corrected and I delivered 3 more updated files for him, but after the 4th delivery, I informed him that he had used his two allowed modification requests and every new modification request would be a gig. This isn’t news as I state my policy on my gig. After two attempts at cancelling the order, Fiverr marked it as complete and I thought the problem was over. This morning I open my email to get 4 messages from Fiverr that all say:

"Hi aslynelf2010,

Your order with adtadt was cancelled by our customer service team. To review the reason for this cancellation, click here.

The funds from this order were returned to the buyer.

The Fiverr team"

The orders had been delivered and marked as complete by Fiverr and now a month later they are cancelled by Fiverr customer support? That’s BS! I did the work. I did more than what was supposed to be done. I delivered 4 files that this jerk can use and now he gets his money back plus my work and I get nothing?! What kind of screwed up system is this?

When I contacted Fiverr customer support, all I got was

“The buyer had concerns and said you were dismissive. Whenever they as for a modification, you must provide it. We expect our sellers to provide great service at all times and act in a professional manner”

Oh, so basically I’m supposed to be the buyer’s GD slave and keep redoing the work, which means working for free, no matter how many times he asks for a redo? That’s ridiculous! But apparently the buyer can do whatever he wants, scam sellers out of money, and constantly ask for free work to be done all in the name of a modification request and Fiverr doesn’t care. Then he can open a Paypal dispute and get a complete refund and I get nothing, even though I did the work and delivered.

It is clear to me that FIverr does not care about their sellers. They also do not care about the amount of scammers that pose as buyers and take the work and run. These people somehow always manage to get their money back, and you, the seller, are screwed. I did the work, did the required modification requests, but had to cut the guy loose after awhile, and he gets my work and his money back.

I have now cancelled all of my gigs and am refusing to take orders because of this. I have no faith in Fiverr as they do nothing to protect their sellers. They just allow buyers to take your work and run with the money.


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