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Level 1 Seller Milestone - 17 orders in 30 days with 98% positive rating


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I have no idea how much of an achievement it actually is, but I got my Level 1 Seller Badge as soon as I had been on Fiverr 30 days. At the time of receiving the badge, I had 17 orders, I just needed to be active for 30 days to get the badge. Is this an achievement or does it happen to a lot of people?

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I don’t know. It depends on the gig I suppose.
If someone gets 10 $25 orders in their first month, is that better or worse than getting 17 $5 orders?
Some people would say it is better to get extra money, others who are aiming for the level 2 badge might say they are happier to get the extra orders.
I completed 50 orders within my first 6 weeks but I was doing orders at very low rates with the goal to achieve level 2, the money really wasn’t a factor. Since then I do a lot less orders but they are much higher value. I wrote about it here:
favicon.icoFiverr Forum http://forum.fiverr.com//images/default-apple-touch-icon.png

How I Completed 50 Orders, Made Over $500 and $200 (4 orders) Pending in 6 Weeks

First off, I know this is not the MOST successful a Fiverr seller has ever been but I think its a reasonable return, particularly as it has been my FIRST 6 weeks as a seller. (I started in mid September, had to stop for the first 3 weeks in October...

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Decide on your own goals, everyone has different expectations and goals here so it is difficult to compare achievements.

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