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I made $208 Since I Joined


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I joined fiverr in 2015 with a hope that I can earn some pocket money from here. As I am not a professional freelancer I work here for some extra income only. Fiverr helped me to earn this amount within these past months. I had got good reviews and many buyers and so many awesome peoples. This is great that I can make money while I was wasting my times on facebook or such
social medias. Fiverr is a great community where people can make money and have fun too.

I was a blogger and seo specialised. As I had taken courses of Search Engine
Optimizations and Blogging, I was a blogger since 2013 and doing SEO tasks on freelance marketplaces.

I use fiverr marketplace to sell forum posting services only. I sale forum posting
services in fiverr and ONLY THAT helps me to made $208 since I joined. I had got so many great buyers ratings and great fiverr support.

I’m enjoying here…REALLY!!

What is my goal/dream from fiverr?

  • I have hobby of travelling. So If I can make around $2,000 within this year I’ll go for a trip. Thats my planning. I’m saving my balances and trying making money.

[self promotion removed again]

Profile Link: ********[goes only in My Fiverr Gigs - No ads in Stories ] ******

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