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How Bizarre is it? Revoke bid ability after 1st sell, even get positive rating!

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How Bizarre is it? Revoke bid ability after 1st sell, even get positive rating(4.4)!

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all doing great. This is my first post (may be also last). I am a new seller in Fiverr. And I have currently 2 active gig in Fiverr. And I face quite a unfortunate and bizarre problem at the moment of my first order complete.

Some days before I get my first gig order (through biding process) and submit it successfully. Client very impress with my designed logo, even don’t want any revision. But
unfortunately he rate me 4.4 (possibly he is unaware). And that’s enough to revoke my biding ability in Fiverr (Bizarre rules by Fiverr). And possibly end my Fiverr service before it started. So I am bit disappointed.

I contact with my client for this reason, he replied, he rate me highest. But may be he is new as like me, so he can’t able to edit his feedback. As Fiverr’s rules less then 90% positive rating, I can’t bid a buyer request any more. So as a new seller it is nearly impossible to get order for my gigs.

Hmm…so I request Fiverr support team to help me with re-allow for biding. In worst case remove that feedback. But they reply as it is not possible to remove this feedback without my client’s intervention. But may be he is not available in Fiverr any more or months, then what’s happen?

Also I have a suggestions that’s rules of 90% feedback need some revisions. It is need to apply after 5-10 order complete not from first order.Because there is lot of unfortunate seller who do best of there work but frozen because of buyer make a wrong rating (even buyer is fully satisfied). So, I want help form everyone to rise this issue, hopefully Fiverr officials review this bizarre rules, do what is best for all.

Thank you everyone for patient reading. Hope you all have prospering Fiverr career.

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You will need your client to agree to give you a 5 star review, take a screenshot of that conversation if he does agree, then show the screenshot to customer service.

The buyer MUST say he wants to give you a 5 star review and then let customer support know this.

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I am a buyer and seller. I place gig request on a regular basis for all sorts of jobs. I look for new talent . I noticed that I no longer have the ability to see sellers bids anymore and only option I have is Fiverr suggested sellers. I don’t like this at all. It takes away my ability and forces me to waste my time searching. I love it when I get bigs because I know that the sellers are interested in my projects and are available.

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