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A year on fiverr was a year of fortune


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Januray, 2015. When I was searching for online work and ways to earn money online, yet some major names were in the mind. I search for more than 100 website, make accounts on them and checked them for a week. But as they say, a better website is judged by its funtionality, design and people engaged in contributing to the site.

Fiverr for me was a total new experience. I made an account on fiverr and make 2 gigs in the start. Although I did’t get any order in the first month, but still I was’t disappointed and waited till I got the first order. The chain started and I can say that I earned more than I had earned in the last 5 years.

Its due to the fiverr that I purchased my first car and living a very good life. My children have all I wanted to give them. Today, I contribute more to my family than ever before.

Thankyou fiverr.

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