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Work With Your Gig Title to Increase Impressions


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Impressions are not a good indicator for the success of a GIG, anyway you must have high impressions number to increase your selling probabilities. The Impressions are also an indicator how well is Fiverr promoting your gig, not only how many people are interested on that specific gig.

The number one factor influencing the impressions is the title of your gig, and that is almost more important than the gig tags: from my personal experience i noticed in my best selling gig that i had to include the word “Royal” (in Logo Design category) in the title to show up in the royal category (i had that in the gig tags, but didn’t work. Never showed up my gig in that category).

Now we know which words to include in the headline to get more impressions, but how we get a good and appealing headline?

I have a long experience on creating killer headlines for content marketing, and now i already know how to compose that headline. But at the beginning i used a great tool (AMI - Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer) and still use almost every time i need a good headline. You can find it here: http://www.aminstitute.com/headline/

Let me give you an example: my first title of my gig (Logo Design category) was: “I will design a Nice Eye Catching Luxury Logo”

The EMV score was really low, 11%, and also my impressions number was really low, and i wasn’t getting any job.

After i changed my headline in: “I will design Luxury and Classy Heraldic Logo” that had a 25% EMV score my impressions exploded and also i started to get jobs.

Try it. It’s a good tool

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