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How To Get More Visibility


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Are you a new seller and want to increase your visibility in order to reach new customers? Have you good skills but can not sell your services?

This is the topic for you. This topic covers the organizational point of view of your work and shows things to do and the mistakes to avoid.

Let’s go.

  1. Manage your time
    If you are a worker, a student or other, you must find the time and plan the hours you want to work. Manage your day better so that your work will be sent in time.

  2. Accept the right jobs
    Do not accept jobs that you would not be able to finish in time or are not in your knowledge. This is a mistake that many sellers do. It is better not to take the job instead to accept it and lose visibility.

  3. Send each day offers
    The site has a section for Buyer Requests. From here you can view all of the buyers needs and send your offer! To draw attention you might send a good letter of introduction to make you very professional!

In this way you will receive more orders and positive feedback! Thanks to the positive feedback you receive more visibility on the site.

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