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Suck Service, Is it a scam? ( Please Help!)


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Three weeks ago, i placed an order to build my wordpress website. I hired some one to complete the job and the time line was 7days. Within the 7days, he always ignore my message or very very late reply. After one week. Finally he deliver it to me. But, when i go to my website, its like empty. He told me that DNS problem. So, he need to solve it first. After a week time, Finally the DNS issue solved. Then he promise within a day, he will install it into my website. But after few days, he still dint deliver the things to me. And very very late reply.
Finally, after one week. He deliver the front page to me. Still, he only complete around 10% of the job. Today, is the 12th day after he deliver the gig to me. He promise will settle all the thing to me by today. But, until now, he dint do anything on the website yet. And i found out

"Cancellations performed by Customer Support can be done, when eligible, within a time period of 13 days after an order is marked as Complete. 13 days is the period of time revenue is placed on hold prior to clearing to the seller on the 14th day. Once available, funds from the order may be withdrawn by the seller. "

SO, now i am curious whether this is a scam? After 14 days, he get the money and go to the heaven?

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