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How Fiverr change my life


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Here is my story:

i had worked for a small company in india where i learned most of technical subject, which are my gigs on fiverr today. Somehow company was not working as we expected, i worked for them almost more then year still not getting salary on time even wait for month by month without having single penny in pockets…it was very hard time for me but i have positive vibes due to the technical knowledge i had…

Due to financial problem i start searching on internet how to make money online, i find many marketplaces where i can start work i register on 4 to 5 of them…After few days i think 15 or 20 i got first request on fiverr… i made one promise to me that day just focus on perfect work after working week or 10 days for same buyer i got many other request means my gig start showing magic…🙂 I start reading there blog and super seller motivated stories…

Everything was new to me except work, i never talk with foreigners before so it become more interesting to me talking with new people and have new experience every time…i start earning enough money to full fill my expensive.
I left the company after 3 months due to some personal and financial reason, i came to home and setup a office in my room. I purchased every single device or furniture that boost my work…like i setup wi-fi, good chairs and table , buying ipad and mobile for testing my work all comes from fiverr earning…Everything going great day by day now my parents are happy, i started providing home expensive to them like a good child 🙂

I buy a good car and bike and have some saving also…my home is good furnished now and we eat healthy food just because of fiverr, it change my life completely…Simply now i am living my life and full filling my dreams.

I am second level seller here and one of my gig is featured and top rated this time…my only focus is to provide quality work to my client. Fiverr given me a great experience about life.

Few tips :

  1. You should have patience.

  2. Quality work is a key of success.

  3. Never make your old client unhappy because they are the one who help you always…

  4. Do some free jobs for good clients.

  5. Make working time table which is very important for freelancers…

" Enjoy your time "


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