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E Check my Profile and Give Suggestions please it is my request


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Hey there Mawaz,

I would recommend improving your profile description with more about yourself, and I think it would be beneficial if you were to tidy up your gig titles. They have some unnecessary grammatical characters.

Additionally, you have many ‘New Arrival’ gigs. I would recommend deleting the ones that aren’t getting noticed, because they will ultimately bring your profile down.

Other than that, remember that gig videos help, and it also looks like your gig pictures aren’t so visually appealing. Although a picture of yourself is somewhat sucessful, I would recommend creating a graphic that both draws people in and informs them of what you have to offer.

Your reviews are amazing, and I assume that when customers see those, they will be drawn in, and will be convinced of your quality customer service. Also, the fact that you are actively seeking advice to improve shows that you are a great seller who is only trying to get better.

Lastly, i can recommend making your gig descriptions longer and improving your gig tags so that customers may find your gigs even faster. Also make use of the ‘Buyer Requests’ section, and make sure to be polite, so that customers return to you with more orders.

All the best,

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