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Should I create a new account?


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Hi All, My name is Ash and I am new to Fiverr.

I started by spokesperson gig about a month ago and surprisingly I started to get 1 order per day at least within first first few days. While I was doing well and achieved 100% positive rating, all of sudden FIVERR removed my gig from search result saying it is not in their editorial focus.

I have asked CS to tell me what have I done wrong but I never received any response even I chased them few times.

I created a new SPOKESPERSON gig now but I am hardly getting any orders ( It is showing up in search results so that means my gig is out there for sale).

My question is , do you think I should create a new account as my profile does not feel same as it was prior to my previous gig been removed.

I would appreciate if you could please respond and let me know your thoughts on this.

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A new account wouldn’t help and would require permission from Fiverr. You’ll need to work with CS to find out what they recommend. Editorial focus is in a state of change, so without seeing the content of the denied gig, there is no way to tell what happened. It could be mistake by the editors or you might have included something in the description or extras that is no longer acceptable.

Connections between gigs and social media have to be handled with caution. I would just work professionally and politely with CS and do some tweaking. That’s a better path to success than making raw assumptions. Good luck!

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