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Must know things for new seller on Fiverr

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(1) Buyers can change there review withing 3 days.
(2) Buyers will not be able to modify his review after 3 days
(3) Same is the case of being seller
(4) You can cancel the order within 14 days.
(5) When the order is mark as a complete by the buyer there is no right for buyer to ask you for a changes its up to you they can not force you.
(6) You can also split the orders into various gig to increase the volume of your sales to get the level 1 or 2 quickly and efficiently.

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Great tips!

I have just started on fiverr. My friend who is a level two seller in two months told me some good tricks to follow and i just got my first order in 2 days.

  1. Do at least 3 shares on each gig using fiverr gig page.
  2. use fiverr call to actions in your blogs websites.
  3. create a website for your gigs or get one on fiverr
  4. Use google alerts to find relevant topics on internet and link them to your fiverr profile.

I used the first and fourth method and this is the second day implementing and i got my first order so i thought i will share this working strategy.

You can check my gig about giving 1500 re-tweets and favorites for proof.

There are many more ways. the idea is to promote your gigs till it gets viral on fiverr.

But be sure to always follow fiverr rules. Go through their TOS as it is very easy to get your account disabled. Never copy gig descriptions etc.


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“(6) You can also split the orders into various gig to increase the volume of your sales to get the level 1 or 2 quickly and efficiently.”

I would be very careful with this. If the buyer is not 100 % happy with your work you are risking more neg. feedback. I would not suggest this just to generate more sales.

However, if you do get a big order it’s smart to split it up to protect yourself.

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First discuss with buyer about the work you can do for him .Once you are 100% sure that you can do that job than

if buyer want to do a certain work for him for 50$
Then send him custom offer of 5 gig consisting of 10$ each,
Now you will get five reviews if you done good job

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It has nothing to do with being unsure about my work. You never know what type of client you will get. The other thing to consider is that buyers are charged a processing fee so I personally think it doesn’t make a good impression to ask them to split up the order just so you can get more reviews out of it. What makes you think they would leave 5 reviews for 1 order. Do you beg? Look it’s your decision I just think it’s unprofessional.

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The point being made here isn’t about talent at all. If you really think that no buyer will ever give you a bad review because you are talented and confident, you are eventually in for a surprise. Humans are irrational creatures and any Top Rated Seller can tell you stories to back that up.

The split order thing is pretty easy to break down. The problem in your theory isn’t the idea of splitting orders but how and why. To illustrate:

If a new buyer needs $50 worth of work, you can be a good partner and limit risk for both sides. You can set the work up in milestones. So, perhaps you outline a plan to do 5 custom orders as you said. You explain the outline but you only ask the buyer to purchase the first one or two milestones. You get a potential for two good reviews instead of one and a prospect to get 3 more orders as things progress. If all goes well on the first 2 orders, buyer marks complete and you send quotes for 1-2-3 more. There’s always a chance that you have the talent of Van Gogh and the buyer prefers Banksy. The buyer might be drunk. Or, the buyer might love the work but explain that they thought you’d be giving them 20 choices to pick from which would take you days to do. Luckily, you only did one or two gigs so you can still work all that out without any more risk, negative reviews, etc. It’s a win-win for buyer and seller.

If you do it the way you suggested and do a bit of greedy gambling to make the buyer purchase 5 separate gigs up front, you are right, it might work out great. Your talent may shine so bright the buyer gives you a mega-tip. You might get 5 stellar reviews and your $50+. If it doesn’t go that way, though, either your buyer ends up the short stick (which is not a mark of good customer service by the seller) or you end up with negative reviews/cancellations even though you DID do a good job.

If you want that risk, go for it, it doesn’t break the rules even if it lacks the partnership aspect of a good buyer/seller relationship. I just don’t think other readers should assume it’s the only way to split orders. Orders are sometimes best done as a whole and sometimes best done split up, but either way there are ways to do it smart and make it beneficial for everyone.

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