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I Became a Level 2 Seller on My Brothers Birthday!


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Thats true, i wasnt really expecting anything on that day… do normal things i did… do fiverr jobs etc. Then all of the suddent my BADGE just turn RED & I see number 2 on it. I was like… OMG! haha… i just cant explain how happy i am… Fiverr opened another door another opportunity for me for the benefit of my son. Featured as one of the FIVERR MOMS & Became a level 2 seller… Such a great Gift i received on my Birthday Month.

Fiverr has been my MAIN online income for almost a year since my partner died couple of months ago :(( .

Raising my son alone was hard but FIVERR helped me out. I Just wish i could talk to the CEO & thank him personally but i guess that impossible to happen.


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