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Is this normal?


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Hi, I am confused whether it is normal or not. Did I miss something? I am still a newbie, and still familiarizing some fiverr functions. I have a total of 6 gigs and 1 is pending for review. So, in the status bar the Review has a number1in it, which is equivalent to my one pending gig. I can understand that suspended is 0 because I do not have any suspended gigs but why the active has also 0? As far as I know I have 5 active gigs that are available and labeled in a green active button-like on the left side of gig title. Can someone enlighten me please? Perhaps, is this the reason why I did not receive any views from my gigs even though I have made number of proposals to ‘gig requesters’? It would be greatly appreciated. Please see the picture below for further clarification.

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