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Buyers Review Bug!


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it is not pretty much a bug ,just a problem that should be fixed !
i have noticed when making an order ,the buyer can review the job ,but he can change the review later as well. 😦
So let say for example that i made 5 orders with a buyer ,and he was very satisfied with the work ,but in the 6 order something went wrong and the buyer gets mad, angry and i can’t fix his problem, and he gave me a very bad review ,and that’s not all ,he back to his previous reviews and change them to bad as well.

i think this shouldn’t be done ! what do you think ?

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There’s always a chance of a really dumb looking typo that we all wish we could fix (or is that just me?), but I agree that after a certain point the Buyer shouldn’t be able to change their review. I’m not sure how to implement this for the Gigs that have physical shipping, though.

It should at least be ‘locked’ after they place another order with the same Seller.

I keep (gasp!) paper copies of the reviews for this reason. Never trust anything from the Internet to remain the same.

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