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I have a question about payoneer

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Hi I have a question. I have a payoneer master card. I got it from a website hosting company that I am a member with. The company is called GVO web hosting. I have it under a different email address than I do with fiverr.com Is it possible to add my payoneer account to fiverr.com so that I may withdraw my funds when I need to? Or do I specifically have to get another payoneer account under fiverr.com only? Im a little confused about this. Please let me know if I can keep the same payoneer account that I have , and then just add it to my fiverr.com account. Also since I already have a payoneer account, do I have to wait to become a level seller in order for me to be able to add my payoneer account to my fiverr account? I have already made 10 sales and projecting more over the weekend. Please let me know when you have a chance. Thank you

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