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Attacking me on my FB fanpage


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One seller seek my business facebook fan page, wrote a lie review then private message me to tell me that I gave her a bad review on Fiverr so she also gave me a bad review (on Fiverr and on My Business Facebook fan page)
First of all, I did not write a review on fiver at all. I just canceled the order because she was a few days late and I had the write to do so. The first time she private messaged me on Facebook, I told her that I would be willing to renew the deal if she has the promised work, even at this time I really didnt need it anymore because It was too late. Then a new notification poped up- she wrote a review on my FB wall. She lied, saying derrogatory comments (She had never used our products or service).
I was shocked, I felt that she was trying to blackmail me. To think that she had actualy went out of her way, searched the internet for a revenge. How crazy is that?
Luckily I screenshot all her comments and PM before she erased them.

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