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Important points for buyers before ordering


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Hey fiverrians,…
I am buyer as well as seller… I am working in fiverr from 8 months. Currently I am mainly dealing only assignments and research paper. I have noticed some mistakes, which usually made by new buyers.
here they are:

  1. Some buyers, request are not clear what exactly they want… The request should be simple and descriptive.

  2. They do not mentioned time frame and budget, and many seller posted the amount which are more than they can afford.

  3. They ordered directly, before discussing the topic with seller.

  4. They go with offer they get, But they have to pay it in form of quality.

  5. Some fake sellers, mark the order completed before doing the work… and new buyers don’t know about cancellation and modification.

Please avoid all this mistake… u 'll surely get best service here.

Thanks & regards

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