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Top rated sellers! what is you secret?


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i hope for you all a good experience on fiverr
i’m now level 2 seller, i have 308 top rates, on 0 bad rates
i don’t know what i have to do now to get the top rated level
and i’m wondering, and asking the top rated sellers
what is you secret?
thank you !!

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There is a list on the Levels page. I’ve seen top rated sellers with few reviews and ones with thousands. I’ve seen a range from perhaps 96%-100% positive. Most seem to have either unique gigs, were on Fiverr when their gigs were stlll unique, or have quite a few orders in queue most of the time.

The only thing I know that they all have in common is that Fiverr staff members found some specific reason they thought it was the right choice. (Even then, it’s possible to lose the TRS rating.) Perhaps someone can tell you a secret, but it’s more likely that even many TRS were surprised when it happened to them.

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