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Simon says: Stand Up! Simon says: Look into the distance!


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OK, so chances are… if you’re selling gigs here on Fiverr, you’re probably sitting and staring at a computer screen for a good part of your day. And while it’s nice an dandy to be making money hand over fist selling gigs… if you’re not careful there could be some hazardous side effects that come with the job.

I know many of you have heard this stuff before, but I just want to put out a nice reminder of things you should keep in mind as you sit and stare at your computer all day.

  1. Stand Up! They say that sitting all day is the recipe to kill yourself slowly. Nobody wants that, we’d all miss you! If you can, look into a sit/stand desk. Or at the very least, stand up every few minutes and take a short walk.

  2. Stare Into the Distance! When you’re up close to your screen your eyes get focused at that distance. To keep yourself from needing glasses 6 months from now, may I suggest every hour or two, standing up and trying to focus on something in the distance.

  3. Protect Your Eyes! I’m not an eye doc, but from what I’ve heard… too much blue/violet light isn’t good for your eyes. I have the brand I like (not sure I can post other company names on here) but if you google computer glasses or anything similar, you’ll be able to find what you need.

So there you have it. I’m not some health expert, but I’ve been around long enough. And I figure, if I can save just one set of eye balls, my job here is done! 🙂

Here’s to thinking and succeeding!


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I note you left out the simple part of simon says smirks awkwardly

Does anyone actuall have one of those standup desks? I’ve thought about getting one as I’m getting older and my back is getting more and more fun with each year (my typical pose is hunched up over a screen)

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@enmaki we had them at my last job. The sit/stand ones. Those are best. People that just get a stand desk get tired, and usually go back to a regular desk in no time. It’s because they spend all day standing and when you do that - your legs start hurting… and when you legs hurt all day it’s hard to focus on your work.


if you get a sit/stand desk, one that you can slide up and down. Those are the best… then you can stand for 30-60 minute increments throughout the day. Easier to do, and easier to focus.

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