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Nice idea: Fiverr Mutual Cancellations should have a "reason" box


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I had to do a mutual cancellation for a popular gig where the buyer gig not provide the information needed. I also have another buyer not responding. The buyer did respond, but not with the correct information.

Customer Support told me that if I do many mutual cancellations, it will effect my rating and ability to move up, so we should have a pull down menu that accompanies the Mutual Cancellation box.

The new rule only applies if the buyer does not respond, but what if the buyer has responded with the wrong information?

It would look like the photo and explain to Customer Support why we did one:

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They probably limit it for good reason, actually. I would think that the more options you give people the more not so ethical sellers will purposely delay or circumvent their orders by any means possible in order to maintain good feedback, even if they aren’t so good of sellers. I mean, I would prefer a more advanced mutual cancellation if possible but only if done right. The “doing it right” part is the hard part, though.

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Reply to @bachas85:

I asked fiverr support team about this issue and here’s what they have replied.

Hi Vinay,

Cancelling an order through mutual cancellation will not affect your ratings. It is possible that users accidentally purchase the wrong order. I would suggest you accept the request. If you wish you can always communicate with the buyer and hopefully they may wish to continue with the order even though it was purchased by mistake.



I really think cancellations DO affact our ratings. But in this case I did not have any option and so had to accept his cancellation offer 😦

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