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Reminder to deliver modified work thru proper channel?

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Twice I’ve delivered modified work to my clients, they were happy, then a couple of days later, my order was marked late. It was my fault, as I didn’t deliver the modifications by way of the redeliver button, but rather attached it to a regular message. I’d like to throw out a suggestion: How about some sort of reminder to deliver modified work using the redeliver button? The problem is, when you go to the ‘buyer requests modification’ page, there is a regular message box for communicating with the buyer. You can attach things to that message. It’s pretty easy to inadvertantly use that as the means of delivering modifications. This is especially true if the buyer end up sending you several separate requests for modifications.

Again, I realize I’m at fault. But it’s still annoying. I’d like my orders marked complete ASAP, and to get paid. I’m sure Fiverr would like to get their commissions for my orders ASAP as well. Maybe a good idea is for a reminder to pop up whenever I’m about to send a message on the ‘buyer requests modification’ page. Anything that enables our work to be marked complete sooner rather than later would be a win win for buyers and for Fiverr, I would think.

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