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Dangers Of Setting Delivery Time At 24 hours

Guest flomaestro

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Guest flomaestro

Hi Fiverrians, what I am about to share is a personal experience. And I am willing to share this because I think every serious seller out there can learn from it.

I started Fiverr on a strong note. I should say that I joined Fiverr because I wanted to boost my blog ranking. Much later after some purchases on Fiverr, It dawned on me I could actually be making money faster on Fiverr than blogging. So I created a gig, months after joining Fiverr. Like I said earlier, I started on a strong note. I was good at what I do. Orders won’t stop coming after creating a gig. In a few weeks, I got to Level 2.

I felt I could handle more. So I changed my delivery time from 5 days to 3 days. Then I proceeded to 24 hours delivery time. You know, you keep seeing it everywhere that setting your gig at 24 hours delivery time will increase your sale?..Well,I was always on the front page of my niche. Not just the front page, I never fell below the second roll. Sales was good, Then it started happening. I started delivering orders late. Now let me explain in detail.

In my niche, Music and Audio, buyers do request for modification a lot. It wasn’t affecting me when my delivery time was 5 and 3 days because, I usually deliver within 24 hours. So, if there was gong to be a modification, I have enough time to beat the deadline.

But, after setting deliver at 24 hours, it became a problem. Late deliveries increased, mostly due to modification requests and this adversely affected my front page ranking. I’m still on the front page (hovering between 9th and 11th rolls). But sales has dropped tremendously. I have since re-edited my delivery time back to 3 days. I immediately experienced an increase in sales once again, after about a month of dip.

My stats then :

Delivery on Time fell to all time low of 84%
Response rate fell to 92%
Orders Completed 100%

My Stats Now

Delivery on Time fell to all time low of 87%
Response rate fell to 95%
Orders Completed 100%


  1. Never set your gig on EXPRESS ORDER if you cannot keep up.
  2. Never have an express gig if you cannot return modification request within time frame.
  3. Learn how to control your orders.

Thank you for reading my post.

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