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Buyer to Seller Tips


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Fiverr has been a very successful marketing tool for many of us when it’s used correctly.

I believe it’s an advantage for both buyers and sellers. I’ve been a member for quite a

while now and I’ve learned that usually the sellers with the highest rating, and majority

positive responses are most likely to execute gigs as advertised while at the same time

meeting the terms of use of Fiverr.

Don’t get me wrong it’s ok to take a chance with a new seller however it’s taking a huge risk

because not everyone on Fiverr will be legit. I do my research on each specific seller I chose

to do gigs with.

Ask questions before purchasing gigs can also be a helpful method. Building

a positive relationship seller to buyer and buyer to seller. Once that trust is built you can

come back and purchase more gigs. You may even discover the secrets on unlocking the

technique of these particular gigs as well. Some buyers have those toold available as well

so that you can eventually gig sell yourself.

With my busy schedule it’s almost not enough time in my day to market so Fiverr provides

this amazing system that is beneficial for growing small businesses and businesses of any

type really.

Now I hope some of this info was useful. I should have a level 3 buyer badge


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