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Can I order a gig of more than $100?


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Hello Everyone,

I have joined fiverr just few days and I have 8 reviews but I think I need more 2 reviews to move to the next level. What will be the benefits for me in the next level? Will I be able to post gigs of more than $100? Please answer if you know it.

Thank You

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Welcome to Fiverr.

When you reach level 1, you’ll be able to offer gig extras up to $20 I believe. Only Top Rated Sellers can offer gig extras worth up to $100. Not more.

If you want to price anything at more than $100, you’d have to let potential clients contact you before ordering and let them know to “order more than one” gig. Not sure what the limitation on that is. I’m guessing there isn’t any. Anyone correct me if I’m wrong.


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