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Will a video help me or hurt me?


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I have a bunch of business consulting gigs that have been getting some good volume lately, so on one hand I want more on the other i’m affraid to mess with it.

I’ll use one of my gigs as an example - http://fiverr.com/finalstep/evaluate-your-business-proposal-sales-pitch-rfp-video-or-any-other-creative

I’m 31, but as you can see I look a bit young, even after purposely not shaving for a couple days lol. Does putting up a video make it seem like i’m less experienced than someone might think from just reading my text? Obviously many people will not want to trust someone who looks like he’s a few years out of college with financial advice for your business. Simply put does the video at the gig above make you wanna give me money more or less?

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Guest lissa_1

Hello finalstep,

I can only tell you about my experience. I was told on “Pimp my gig day” that a video can increase your sales by 200%. I increased my sales by 500 percent or more by posting a video. I simply narrated it and posted it. I am generally a proponent of, “If it isn’t broken don’t fix it.” In this case, if your sales drop off just revert to the old formula.

I saw your video. It looked fine to me. I wouldn’t worry about your age. The buyers need to know what you are capable of and know that you can deliver. If you want, you could try the same video clean shaven with a suit jacket and tie and post it as a reply here and get contrasting feedback. Just a suggestion.

Thank you,


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I can’t say for sure how a video in general will affect your business because I work in media and we’re a bit more lax about things like appearance, demeanour etc but what I can do is give you a few tips to improve the quality of your videos to make it more likely to appeal to your target demographic.

  1. Clothes

    For a business video a suit is a must. The business world is a shallow place and if you don’t look the part you won’t get it. I recommend a grey or navy suit (two colours that look great on camera) and a fitted shirt and tie in neutral colours. If you don’t have a fitted shirt a good trick is to use a military tuck or to use clothespins or safety pins to pin the excess fabric at the back. Remember its video and no one will see your back so don’t be afraid to fool the camera.

  2. Posture

    Firstly I would say instead of sitting down you should stand. The way you’re sitting in the video, slightly hunched forward and legs akimbo, does not scream 12 years marketing experience. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and don’t lock your knees. Draw your shoulders back, keep your core strong and your chin up.

  3. Background

    In general for corporate video it’s good to have an office like background in your videos. Standing in front of a bookcase is often a good way of doing this in the home.

  4. Hands

    Don’t hang your arms down by the sides of your body like slabs of meat but don’t over gesture either. The key is to be conscious of your movements. If you are aware of your arms you will not find them waving about wildly when you watch your video back.

  5. The edit

    There is one small problem at the end of your video where the audio makes a whoosh noise. It’s minor but distracting, I’d watch out for it in future. To avoid things like that let the video roll for a second or two after you’ve finished speaking and then trim the excess in the edit.

    Your presentation style is great and you’ve good confidence and clarity. With these few minor adjustments you will have a great corporate video on your hand that hopefully will increase your revenue.
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It most definitely will help! Think about it. A 12 year old boy could be behind your business gig, but you are showing that you are a respectable, professional looking man which will make people trust you and order from you. Props to you for filming it yourself! I always have to laugh at the people who hire fiverr actors to film for them, and then I see their face attached to 10 different accounts.

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