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About an idea that just jump into my mind

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How’s everything fiverr comunity? I hope you all are having a very nice day of selling and buying, this is my first post on the blog and I think this was a good topic for my first time writting to you all! And it’s about the next idea: How about to have the possibility of send and of course, receive voice notes on the inbox chat, I think that would be really usefull because sometimes would make easier the comunication, I don’t know I think would be really interesting and would help us sometimes to save time, sometimes I’m receiving instructions of pronunciations from my costumers and also I believe that this would give the chance to turn the fiverr and the client-seller experience into something more personal, I don’t know! What do guys think?

I would love to read your comments!
BTW I’m here to help you in what ever you may need, even more if you are just starting here on fiverr, I’m here to help in what ever I can!
Happy buying and selling! 🙂

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