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No answer to mutual cancellation request


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I looked for an answer but didn’t see one; hopefully someone knows? With all the sellers here, I can’t be the only one this has happened to.

I had a buyer who bought a gig but apparently did not read the gig description or instructions. I sent her two notes before I sent the mutual cancellation request. (In the mutual cxl req, I did tell her I would do gig the gig if she followed the instructions on the gig).

Nothing. Not a peep. Nada.

The time runs out on this gig tonight. If there is no answer from the buyer–what happens? does this go against me and my rating? Because she hasn’t answered, and time ends tonight–is this considered a gig that’s late or undelivered? Or does Fiverr just send the funds back to the buyer and there’s no mark against my rating?



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Funds are automatically returned to buyer after three days if a buyer has not responded to your mutual cancellation. I’ve had this a couple of times before. Usually buyer cancels the order or he/she will abort the cancellation, which means you’d have to hurry, discuss new terms or try to cancel again using more or better reasons. The latter sux.


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