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Paypal id withdraw problem

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i have a problem in my account i did not withdraw my fiverr account dollar in my paypal id.

Several time i try but verification email did not send in my paypal account or my fiverr account email id

So please give a solution

when i create Fiverr account which paypal id i given i did not remember

my question that what is the process which is the option i found my fiverr account attach paypal id

or what is the another process i found my paypal account in my Fiverr account

however my fiverr account setting show my email id but this email id did not send verification email

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If you’re not getting a confirmation e-mail to withdraw your Fiverr revenue I’d make sure it’s not in your Spam folder and that you’re using the right e-mail address.

You can have a different Fiverr e-mail to your PayPal e-mail, this shouldn’t be a problem.

I’d recommend making sure you can log in on PayPal then get in touch with Fiverr Support and tell them you’re not getting the confirmation e-mails and you’d also like to update your e-mail address.


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i check my email spam folder but confirmation email not found here

i finally confirm that i did not add any paypal account in my fiverr account

when i click PAYPAL ACCOUNT for withdraw my dollar this moment coming a message that send a confirmation message but i did not see it in my email

and when i try to change my paypal account CLICK HERE option this moment coming that send you to confirmation mail

but i check my email did not found any confirmation email

so what is the option i found which email id i added in my fiverr account.

so what is the my problem solution

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same thing happened to my account

when i hit the “withdraw paypal account” button the verification mail from fiverr to my mail doesn’t came

i didn’t find it neither in inbox or spam

i contact the fiverr support and problem solved, all you have to do, is to trust the fiverr support and contact them

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