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Suggestion for Buyers Inactivity after Order

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Lot of customers after they place order does not provide the required details for quite a long time. FIVERR. should had an option (Suggestion) to control this time between buyer and seller.

For Example: If i receive an order and I don’t receive the required details to execute the order, still the clock keeps ticking for me but not for the buyer. We need to have a rule or process in place, so that if the buyer does not provide enough details to execute the order, the buyer should be given LATE warning and that particular time should not be added into my timeline.

And it should be both ways. If the buyer provides all the details, the seller has to receive the warning and time will keep ticking for seller until the order is executed till the time he has promised. And it should be same for the BUYER also.

I hope you guys understood the logic behind this.

Warm Regards,


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