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Help with bad review, worth reporting?


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So I am kind of new to Fiverr, but regardless of that I have been doing fairly well! My gig of talking on the phone has been so far a great success. But today I completed an order with a buyer and he left me a bad review. I am sure I know why. My gig says $5 for 10 min on the phone. The buyer wanted video chat so i told him $10 for 10 min on s***e. He agreed. We began to video chat and everything seemed to be going fairly well but it came the time to tell him that our time was up. He did not want to hang up and asked to give me a few more minutes. I kindly said that we could continue the conversation another day. We said goodbye and hung up. I completed the order and he left me a bad review. This is my first bad review and I am pretty disappointed because I did my fair share of the deal. I provided the service that he paid for. The time you pay is the time you get. Is this worth reporting?
I have screenshots of the conversation that we had were we agreed on the price, were he provided his info, the call log on s***e (shows how many minutes the call took), and the bad review he gave me.

Help please 🙂

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