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4 Tips to you start making money on fiver

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To start selling on Fiver, the first thing you need to do is to find what do you want to do people for $5.

How to start sell on Fiverr?

#1 - Identify your skills/passion/talent.

#2 - Create an amazing gig to beat the competition.

#3 - Create an attractive gig and more importantly a gig which you can deliver quickly.

#4 - Stay responsive and keep your customers Happy.

EXTRA: Try to become top ratted seller.

This is something you will get by selling more than 10 gigs in a month with positive feedbacks. If you qualify, then you’ll get promoted to Level 1 seller of fiverr.

This will help you get more customers, moreover fiverr will recommend your gig on the top of the page to the potential customers. This will also help you add gig extras, where you can add services as addon to the clients original purchase.

This will increase your earnings dramatically and if you continue to do good amount of sales with high rating, then you will become popular seller and you will get more and more orders.

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