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Dear Sellers, let us respect copyright laws

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Please, don’t mind my english but try to get senses out of my nonsense.

When we talk about artworks, care must be taken in designing them for our customers, we must make sure we don’t just design anything or copying another people’s job and sell it to buyers. Our jobs must be original, clean and clear.

There are lot of designers that don’t care about using copyrighted images or copying another people’s logo and made them their own whereby selling them to customers, this is not fair, because it speaks a lot about who you’re, it means your’e not a professional, not genuine, you’re a counterfeit, all you want is just some $$ to feed your family and you’re not taking your job serious.

Fiverr might also got you banned. Imagine you have nurtured your gigs for 6 moths, a year, two years and more and started selling and suddenly your account went off due to your ignorance of the law of copyright. Not only that, it is possible you also push your buyers to pay huge penalties for using and claiming to own copyrighted artworks.

Lots of things have been said about fiverr and sellers. If you google fiverr, you will understand what I am talking about, some people out there think all fiverr’s jobs are copyrighted jobs. It is the high time we stand up and tell the whole world that we are also professionals despite we don’t charge much, let us tell them in our action and with our hand-works that we are the best and we can deliver the best.

We need to stand up and fight against this attitude of not giving respect to copyright laws. If you can not create a genuine logo for $5 let your buyers know, some of them want quality jobs also, they would surely accept your proposals. Take your time, and give them decent logo that is created from the scratch.

Let us realize that Fiverr is our offices/workshops, let us join hands together in making it the best and top 1 freelancer’s site.

Thank you.

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