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Are there any best way to get the 1st order for those who are writer?


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Tips to get orders as a writer:

-Either write in your native language only or learn business English well enough to write basic articles.
-Write original work, not PLR or spun work unless you advertise it as such.
-The first line in your gig is: “Knock me any time as u need me.” This is the type of rough textspeak English used with friends on mobile phones. It is not business English.

Most of the rest of your wording is taken from a gig belonging to a level 2 seller, especially your gig title and this: “It is more than critical to hire a writer who is both skilled and experienced. This is why it is wise to order from an EXPERIENCED SELLER. I can write material in different styles on any given topic, for writing is an activity I am very fond of and having versatile interests is something I am striving for. Therefore, For only $5 I offer up to 650 words of content on the topic of your choice, lending you my talents as a writer.”

-Be honest and don’t copy. Perhaps writing in English isn’t what you do best, so even if you get fast orders, the reviews may not be so good. Think about something you really can do, write up a gig description, then get some help to make the description flow.

That probably isn’t what you wanted for tips, but it’s honest.

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