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Express Gigs Question


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I use the 1-day turnaround option on my gigs and have for a while. But recently buyers have been ordering gig multiples and when they check the 24-hour turnaround box it only charges 1 gig for the express turnaround for the whole job not per gig.

It means I can get an order to do 15 gigs in one multiple order but if they want 24-hour they only pay an extra $5 rather than an extra [number of gigs] x $5? I’m not going to message them and say to please pay the express fee per gig not per multiple batch because that looks like I’m trying to squeeze more out of them than Fiverr’s order system told them it would be!

Is this a bug or is it deliberate? An extra gig for express turnaround if they are order 15 gigs in one multiple order is not worth it for the seller.

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