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Custom Order vs Gig Order

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Hi All,

I remember when I just joined Fiverr in 3 months I moved to a level 1 seller and a month after that level 2.

This was attributed to gig quantities ordered in a specific time span.

With the advent of Custom Orders one was able to invoke set prices with the option of amending the order should additional work needed to be charged for. So for the most part this allows one to define scope of work for a set charge.

Question here!

If a made a customer order to a buyer for a cost of $125, would that equate to a gig quantity of 25 at $5.00 per quantity? Or would it equate to a single gig ordered?

My observation is that the initial custom order is an order with a gig quantity of one and the additional charge would be considered as an extra gig.

Custom Order therefore put a seller at a disadvantage in projecting volume sales (gig quantity). In other words, a seller should be able to assign the gig quantity associated with the price set when creating custom order. If I completed 10 custom order at value per order of $125, I should therefore see quantity of gigs ordered at 250 gigs ordered instead of 10; not including extra gigs.

This would be a truer reflection of sales for a seller having the option to assign the quantity of gigs at $5.00

I understand that C.O. may have been design to eliminate the process of having to instruct a potential buyer to go my profile, select the respective gig and then select the quantity required to attain a $125 cost value.

But in business theory, someone who orders 10 iPhones with specific feature at $100 totaling $1000 should be no different than the seller placing a quote for 10 iPhones with the requested specific for $1000.

It would be great for a seller to set gig quantity with a custom order!!

What are your views?


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What I use the Custom Order option for is to offer discounts to regular Buyers or volume Buyers.

I am a freelance writer.

A 500-word article will cost a Buyer $25 (my fee).

If that Buyer wants to have me write 5 of them at one go, instead of having them order 5 x $25 through my Gig, I send a Custom Order and may only charge $20 per article through that Custom Order.

Otherwise, I suggest the Buyer order the Gig and order x5 for the set of articles.

I don’t give all Buyers the Custom Order discount I provide, either.

I choose who gets it.

Otherwise, it is Gig price orders only.

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