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Question for other sellers


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What happens when your deadline comes up and you have not delivered yet, but you are still on the day of the deadline and it says “due today” but the hour timer has concluded.

I ask this because something happened to me today that never happened before. I forgot to check the hour timer for the last day of one of my orders and I delievered it just now, but the timer was gone (you know, the one that reads “you need to deliver in xx amount of hours or days”).

I did not get a late delivery message at all, and I guess you only get those when you are late for a day. I just wanted to know if this will affect my ranking or not.

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Try to avoid that at all costs though. Some things happen in our real lives, but

a) Be sure to communicate this with your buyer

b) If you have gigs that promise delivery over X number of days, at the latest, try to deliver a DAY before

c) If you have issues delivering gigs, extend your delivery time (if your gig says 3 days, bump it up to 4 days).

The more you over deliver (in terms of content, or how fast you can deliver), it can always have a positive impact on your business!

Good luck!

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Thank for the great advice givemeapps.

This raises a question for me though. I really hope someone from fiverr could clear this up. Does our standing as sellers and our rating get afected by delivering gigs on the last day but always within time frame? I would think if it does it would be unfair and illogical as there should be no penalty for deliveries even if they are sent with minutes left to go on the counter (be it express or regular).

Some of us work very hard to deliver on time and some of the gigs I have require that I work most of the delivery days on the order (such as forum posts) So I just want to know if this at all affects our standing. I dont mean late delivery, just within time frame.

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