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Selling a complete solution as opposed to setting up a gig

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Hi All,

So here is are my thoughts on something i am deliberating with.

Let’s say you developed an app, database, template; one would create a gig around the possibility that I can create a similar end solution to the master tailored to the buyers requirements and hope that sales are generated.

But what if Fiverr created a market section (I would like to nominate “Fiverr Store”), similar to android’s Play Store or apple’s Apple Store. Here one can place these template or end product for sale at a fixed price.

This I feel would better empower buyers to purchase a solution rather than go through a submitting a buyer’s request. bidding to place order process, deliberations, modifications, etc… Allowing buyer to immediately download purchase once payment is approved. Also empowering buyers to leave comments and feedback relating to what they would like in a newer release of the product.

Empowering seller who build solutions at random or designed template, would see less gig creation from the limited amount a seller is allowed. So for a seller who made 32 solutions, they can only place 14 of those at a time as gigs. Leaving 18 solutions to be place on the “Fiver Store” for sale. Payments from buyers are available in a shorter time frame rather than the 3 day delivery completion (if no modifications are requested) plus the two weeks for fund to be release after order is marked complete.

Fiverr would now extend their services to those who do not want to go through, what some consider; as bothers or headache but instead target direct buying and selling.

Your thoughts!!!


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