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The #AskGaryVee video is up!


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I actually cannot stand his way of presenting, he was horrendous in how he clearly wanted to get away asap. His disrespect to David, the CRO, was really poor and he also continued that when he commented on a post criticizing him for interrupting. He said
"…I’m trying my best to leave room for the guest while not allowing people to just ramble or worse, pitch…"
At no point did David come close to rambling and he was there to talk about and answer questions about Fiverr so pitching was kinda inevitable.

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Even for the typical presentation of the show, this episode put a bad taste in my mouth.

There was a definite gap between what the Fiverr CRO was trying to convey and what the show’s format dictates.

It’s also strange the “contest” was only open to NYC SF and Chicago… As Fiverr is mostly an international platform.

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