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How to have orders


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We would like to suggest you from our experience. Try following steps to start getting orders.

  1. Beef up your profile and explain your experience, The more you beef up your profile the more presentable you will appear to potential buyers.

  2. Design well presented Gig with detailed infromation of services include, options, extras, manageable delivery time etc. Read this one for how to prepare well presented gig. You can also review gig offering similar service as yours to get more idea. http://blog.fiverr.com/creating-successful-Gigs-for-the-first-time-or-the-50th/?utm_source=bl_ct&utm_term=n499

  3. In order to start selling quickly, ask you friends to purchase your gig and leave honest reviews. This is most important step to start getting inquiries. One of blog explained more about it - http://blog.fiverr.com/becoming-top-rated-seller-trs-fiverr

  4. Once order getting started, manage quick communication, delivery on time with quality and ask buyer to write review. This is important for increasing sales of your gig.

  5. To get higher level seller badge, required things are more sales with good reviews, become active member of forum and many more, but once you get orders, you can research for required further steps.

Team Fora

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Share on social media such as twitter and google + using relative hashtags. For example if you write articles you could hashtag (#wordpress #blogger #articlewriting and #fiverr) and you should at least get some gig clicks if nothing else! Hope it helps.

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