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The Art of Setting Delivery Time


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First and foremost, I want to give warm greeting to every honourable sellers in Fiverr.

Ok, what I want to share here is about setting delivery time.

Based on my genuine experience.

Setting delivery time is one of the art on creating your gigs. Sometimes it can help you get good reputation or harm your reputation.

In several case, I’m always get positive reviews ( even I get more bucks ).

What is the relation between delivery time, positive reviews, and bucks ?

If you can deliver your work quicker than your deadline, then your buyers will be happy. Happiness will bring your buyers give you a positive review.

What about bucks ?

Remember, you must be always set “Extra Fast Delivery” in all of your gigs. An urgent buyer would use these feature when buying your gigs.

Here some tips from me to get positive reviews and bucks by setting delivery time wisely.

1. Set your time longer than you can achieve.

As example, I sell e-mail list. All of e-mail list was saved on my PC, so if I get order, I can send it just for 5 minutes. But, how long I set the delivery time ? I set it for 2 days delivery time.

Yeah, as stated on my gigs, my buyers should wait for 2 days to get the e-mail list from me. But in fact, I always send my work just 10 minutes after their fulfill the requirement.

Surely, my buyer felt happy with what I gave to them and they gave me positive reviews.

2. Set Extra Fast Delivery

To get more bucks from delivery time, you have to set Extra Fast Delivery. As I stated before, an urgent buyer would use these feature when buying your gigs.

As example on my e-mail list gigs, I set Extra Fast Delivery ( 1 days, for $5 ). A new buyer just know that I will send the lists for 2 days, instead of I would send the lists in 10 minutes. But, an urgent buyer never think about their $5 to spend on Extra Fast Delivery. It’s happening to me, someone bought my e-mail lists with extra fast delivery.

Maybe some sellers will think that “Extra Fast Delivery” is nonsense, because they can deliver their work in just one day. If you think like these, then you should change your head ! 😃

Ok that’s all. I hope my experience on setting delivery time can help you get more positive reviews and bucks.

UPDATED : If something goes wrong, I will solve it soon. That is my experience. 🙂

Cheers !

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The art of setting delivery time. You hyped us up with the title. Delivery time should be set based on the maximum time it’ll take to complete a project and at the same time what would be acceptable to you if you were a buyer. I see some people offer 23 days delivery time for a project that takes just two hours. I think that is just wrong.

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Anyway, no art here. Starting out? Deliver lots, deliver fast. Established yourself? Extend the deadline times. Generally speaking, no more than 3 days is best for search results, I think. Mine are mostly at 10 days because when they were at 3 I got floods of orders I couldn’t keep up with, and now I like the long lead times (and yes, I do get a lot less orders–this could change if I reduced the lead time, but…I like them so much!).

No art. When you start out, keep 'em short and sweet. When you’re established, adjust them to fit your schedule. Don’t be afraid to make extra fast the maximum you can either. It might not happen often, but it’s a nice bonus when it does. Or price it at $5 for a quick extra few bucks. It’s your business, your call. If your work can’t be achieved in extra fast time, don’t offer it. just mention in your gig description that faster deliveries need negotiation first.

Most of all, stop bloody overthinking everything when a fair percentage of your customers will be like holly just above this. You think she cares about your art of delivery time? Naw, she don’t.

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Thanks for your comment Mrs.

This is the function of forum. We discuss each other. If someone did something wrong ( like me ), then we should discuss the mistake and solve the problem. 🙂

Once more, thankyou for your comment. 🙂

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Hey my brother.

I understand, why some TRS set their delivery time so long. As you said, they got so many orders. 🙂

I know, there is no art here. I just share my experience and in fact some sellers don’t agree. It’s fine. 🙂

This thread help me get some opinion about Delivery Time.

My experience is mine, if something goes wrong soon I will solve it. 🙂

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Don’t forget, sellers usually have multiple orders that all take including bulk orders that may appear to take 2 hours but really take 20. Most sellers also need time for sleep, food, family, sometimes a second job, etc.

Delivery time should be set realistically. I am a buyer even more often than a seller and I prefer quality over speed. Some buyers need fast delivery so they should look for sellers that offer it and sometimes be willing to pay extra for fast delivery.

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