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Tips for sellers & buyers: choosing and being the right seller

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As a fiverr graphic design seller, I have been privileged to have many monumental reviews from buyers, one of which intrigues and marveled me is when some of them alleged that have been their best seller so far in there numerous dealings with fiverr sellers for years. One may think this is a mere blandish but when I saw the recurrence of such kudos accompanied with bonus tips from some buyers, I concurred that there are indeed specific notes of interest in my service. After careful consideration, such things I feel I should share with the community to help motivate someone.

On the increasing competitive platform fiverr is staging everyday, it is becoming arduous for sellers to stand tall amidst peers and more puzzling for buyers to select who to give work. The following tips will help both to be successful on fiverr.

  1. Communication: I love to communicate with my buyer anytime and very well. It gives them the impression their work is not in a roboot’ but a safe hand. For example, a buyer can test a seller by just saying ‘hi’ before any pre-order information. The response you receive can determine if that seller would be friendly or not. Even when you provide service not up to customer’s expectation, carrying them along in the whole process makes them important and they may decide to stay on you until you satisfy them. It works for me always. There are sellers who don’t say anything until they deliver the ordered gig to the buyer. This makes the buyer unrest of the order state. Keep talking with your clients, they will fall in love with you. Incase you don’t know, the fiverr mobile app has really helped me in responding fast to my clients.

  2. Passion: Don’t just go after lucre, take your clients work as your work, it makes all the difference. A buyer once wrote a review about my work that it is as if I know exactly what they were thinking. I do put myself into my client’s shoe. I imagine what is on their minds by reading into detail the information they provide me. As a buyer, you can ask a technical question from the seller to test if he /she understands your work before kickoff. A person who understands work will likely do it better and faster than someone who is just after belly.

  3. Satisfaction: I give revision 1001 times without extra charge. A buyer who knows you are ready to be 100% committed to his or her work until satisfaction will prefer to stay with you forever and ever. I tell my buyer I will work until I satisfy you.

  4. Delivery Time: This is another area where communication is paramount. There are times you can’t meet up with the client’s demand and it blocks another opportunity if you do not take proper permission for that disappointment. It is always good for buyers to ask sellers when will the order be ready, so you won’t be disappointed on the long run? Having a short or long delivery time on seller’s gig page may not determine the delivery time of the present order, you can always talk things out and priority may be given to your own work. However, as a seller, you will definitely have repeated customers if you deliver and revise their works on time.

  5. Don’t lie: Nobody will come back to you if you promise what you can’t fulfill. Always ask the seller ‘can you do my project?’ Simply say the truth to the buyer ‘I can’t’; with that, you will have less cancellation, less negative reviews and kin concentration on your strengths. Though, there are jobs that you take that will improve your skills, yet, let it not be a norm to bid for jobs you are amateur in and never turn customer’s work to a training rehearsal. It will cost you many things. Fiverr is a platform to bring our expertise in to help others and not necessarily to earn money even though that is the ultimate. So, develop your talents adequately so as to stand on this international competitive business platform.

I hope you find these tips I have applied personally worth writing about and helpful? Let me have your view too.

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