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Making a change to \"Late\" orders

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I had something strange happen to me the other day… Someone ordered my voiceover gig during a busy work week, leading me to deliver that gig when the clock was about to strike 0. Luckily I didn’t deliver my order late, but I came within an hour of the deadline.

The next day my client requested a simple revision, which is totally cool! So when I got home later to deliver it, I noticed that my order page now claimed my delivery was “##LATE##”…

So first of all, I have a question… Did the timer on my order un-pause itself after they wanted a revision? Or did it ever stop moving??

Whatever the case may be, it’s not really fair to me as the seller. I fulfilled my initial obligation to the buyer and yet I’m being told that I delivered this order late, which hurts my stats. If a buyer is going to take a full day to check on their order to see if it’s ready, why should that be a mark against me?

Furthermore, in this scenario I still re-delivered my order within a 24 hour window. If the clock somehow reset, allowing 24 hours to my revision, why was it still marked late?

It’s all very confusing but my actual suggestion is this:

When dealing with revisions, we should have control over the additional time limit that it takes to deliver those revisions. For example let’s say I offer my services in a 24 hour time frame with X amount of revisions. I should be able to include a disclaimer that says “Please allow X amount of hours for revisions.”

I get that the world of voiceover is very fast-paced and sometimes clients can’t wait on me to get home from my day job to fulfill the order and THEN have to wait for revisions. However, if the option is there to allow some extra time for revisions, then at least there are no surprises to either party when that issue crops up.

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