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Can a new designer emulate design of non-responsive designer


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I’m new here.
3 weeks ago I ordered novel front covers from 3 designers.
> I selected the best of these but wanted small changes… took 4 days but not good.
> I want to revert to original design and conclude the deal… no response after begging every few days to revert to the original and conclude.

> I also want to add a back cover and spine…Zero response to my requests as to how order this.

> I need to take that artwork and transpose to bookmarks, flyers, posters and banner… but I can’t work with non-responses… it is very unprofessional.

> Can I just conclude this deal / or cancel it / and send the artwork to a new designer that is motivated?

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I think you will need to be a little more specific before you will get any really useful help here. You say that you have ordered from 3 designers already and selected the best. In this case, did you pay for the work from all three designers?

Also, did you mention in your original request that you wanted a back cover, spine, and transposition of the artwork to other forms of media? If not, it’s not unreasonable to assume that your designer might feel that they have already delivered your order and be unwilling to make amendments without further payment.

As for concluding the deal, yes you can send your work on to a new designer, however, you will need the source file of your book cover in order for any new designer to be able to work on it.

Lastly, you should note that if you cancel the order, you will not have any right to use any of the work you have so far been delivered. Copyright is only transferred to you on completion and payment of an order. Moreover, in the case of a book cover, you really shouldn’t publish if there is even the smallest chance that you will be using any kind of material which you don’t have the necessary rights to use.

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